2018 Workshops!

These are the coming workshops for Summer 2018.

They will be held right here in Flagstaff, Arizona at 1919 North 4th Street.
On July 18th – 20th, Join me to paint beach scenes together. We’ll spend three days working on the techniques to paint water, sky, reflection and whatever else you want to put in your painting.
On August 15th – 17th, We’ll be painting mountain scenery! One of my favorite themes. Deep atmosphere, light and shadow on snow covered rocks, pine forests and peaceful mountain lakes.
On September 19th – 21st, We’ll work on rocky desert scenery just like we have here in Arizona. An excellent subject for dramatic color contrast. Blue shadows and green bushes on miles of orange sunlit rocks and desert mesas on the horizon.

This year we’ll be doing something new!

The day after each workshop, my time will be reserved for private lessons. You can sign up for a one on one painting session so that you and I can work through your specific interests. Those time slots will be sold by the hour.

We’ll be posting more information and pricing soon. Those are the dates! I really hope to see you.